Footpath Signs

Executive Footpath Sign
Price: POA

One of our most popular footpath signs, the Executive offers a good balance between functionality and cost.

  • Rectangular water fillable plastic base
  • Stable in high winds when base is weighted correctly
  • High quality ACM panels with handle cut out
  • Base available in: white, black, orange, red, magenta, yellow, light blue, dark blue, royal blue, light green, dark green, teal & dark grey
  • Panel size 600 wide x 800mm high
  • Panel can be customised in profile cut designs & shapes
  • Logo can be moulded into base for an additional cost
  • Optional personalised graphics available at additional cost

Remember, local Council regulations may apply to footpath signs. Check before ordering.



What’s the difference between the stock Executive and stock Informer footpath signs?
Aside from the graphics which are customised for each customer the only difference between these two units is the base. The Executive has a rectangular base and the Informer’s base is round.