Registration Packages

First impressions are important
At Displayways we understand the importance of first impressions. Designed with customer service in mind, our Registration Areas help you extend a warm, professional welcome to your attendees.

Our range of Registration Areas has something to suit all budgets & sites
Choose from our Standard Registration Area or new Registration Booth packages. A perennial favourite, the Registration Counter offers great value. It can be setup as a freestanding desk or grouped together to form a Registration Area to process attendees alphabetically by surname.

The Registration Booth packages come in four popular sizes
To save you time and money, our most popular custom-built Registration Booths are now available as off-the-shelf packages. Simply choose your favourite and let us do the rest for you.

Need a Help Kiosk or Information Centre? Look no further…
The Registration Booth packages work equally well as Help Kiosks or Information Centres. Tell us what you need and let us do the rest for you.

Don’t see what you want?
No worries. We can custom design what you need. Please contact our Exhibition team on 0800 347 752 or

Standard Registration Area - POA
Small Registration Booth - POA
Medium Registration Booth - POA
Large Registration Booth - POA
Large Registration with Office Space - POA