The Foga System is a stylish range of sleek, Swedish designed, extruded aluminium profiles and connectors. Used by designers worldwide, Foga is internationally recognised as the premier modular building system.

Think of it as Meccanno for adults
Foga’s clean, contemporary, minimalist look lends itself to many different uses. At Displayways we build a wide range of our exhibition, event and display products out of Foga including: exhibition panels, exhibition stands, showcases, tables, counters, poster and brochure holders. Our designers are constantly coming up with new ways to use Foga. And yes, Foga is great for shop fit outs.

Versatile, durable and flexible
One our favourite Foga features is the ability to create ingenious displays and furniture that folds up flat for easy transportation and storage. We call this Flat-pac. Flat-pac reduces transportation and storage costs and makes it easier to quickly pack equipment in and out of venues.

So if you are looking for something special…
Our design studio loves a challenge.