Custom Foga Flat-pac – Fall in Love

Foga is a cool, fully integrated modular aluminium building system that provides an exceptionally wide range of stylish profiles and components. This versatile Scandinavian system is used by designers all over the world to build everything from exhibition stands to retail interiors to displays. 

Our Flat-pac is world famous in New Zealand & a few other places
Here in New Zealand, Displayways is world famous for building an intriguing range of affordable Foga Flat-pac panels, display products and furniture that Marketers, Event Managers and Organisers love. The majority of our Exhibition & Event Hire furniture is Flat-pac. True to its name, Flat-pac folds flat for easy transportation and storage.

We can and do undertake special Flat-pac projects...
Durable and stylish, Flat-pac lends itself to branding and is extremely easy to pack in and pack out of venues. If we don’t have exactly what you need we can custom design Flat-pac for you at a surprisingly affordable price.

... like this Media Tribune
It was custom designed and built for a massive New Zealand event. The Event Organisers had searched the world over for Media Tribunes. A customer who was familiar with our Flat-pac range suggested that they contact our Exhibition and Event team. They did. We met. They gave us their specification. One day later we showed them a prototype. After reviewing the prototype they asked if we could make a couple of modifications. "Sure", we said. One day later we presented the revised prototype. The client loved it. The rest is history.

So if you are looking for Media Tribunes or need help with a special project, let’s talk. And yes, we do export!